Fans judge owners by how often they put a winning product on the field — nothing more and nothing less. Jones deserves credit for the three early titles, and for replacing the legendary Tom Landry with a better man for the necessary rebuilding job.

Lattimore responded with a light one-handed shove at Winston before being waylaid from behind, WWE-style, by Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans — except the punches he was throwing were real.

Although only penalized for unnecessary roughness and allowed to remain in the game, Evans could be given a much harsher punishment from NFL headquarters once the play is reviewed by the officiating department.

“I was actually running off the field,” Robertson said about the incident and the melee that followed. “We were getting ready to punt the ball and I was trying to find some Gatorade.

Keenum keeps building his Case as the guy for the season, and as for a QB change, there is no reason. With a thriving Thielen, there’s nothing but good feeling.

Andy Reid is known for rolling after a bye it just must be something about that big guy. If they think this is a special season they don’t want to punt, they better go back to more of Kareem Hunt.

Palmieri, New Jersey Devils winger: I really began cooking my first year or two in the minors. I lived in Syracuse, and there were some brutal winters up there. I didn’t feel like going out to dinner all that much. I was living with Nick Bonino and Mat Clark, and we kind of all got into cooking at the same time. I cook mostly Italian. I like to try other things, but Italian is the only thing I can do off-recipe. Meatballs would have to be my signature. saints_017-223x223