The Steelers’ 2018 schedule is yet another first-place schedule to which the defending AFC North champions have become accustomed. That means Pittsburgh will get another shot at Jacksonville, which knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs in the divisional round last season.

In addition, the Steelers get the Patriots at home in a rematch of last year’s controversial finish at Heinz Field. Pittsburgh also faces the AFC West and NFC South. Le’veon Bell’s contract status might become a more urgent talking point once the dates on the Steelers’ tough schedule draw closer.

With Curry in the lineup this season, the Warriors went 41-10 while averaging 120.4 points per 100 possessions, which would be the best offensive rating over the past 20 seasons. With him off the floor, however, the Warriors were only 17-14 in the regular season and had an offensive efficiency that was right around the league average.

So before facing off with the San Antonio Spurs in the opening round, Kerr made some modifications. One of the more noticeable adjustments was allowing Durant to initiate the offense.

“I wouldn’t use the word ‘restructured’ [offense]; I would say ‘refine’ is a better word because we’re not doing anything that we haven’t done all year,” Kerr said. “It’s more that we’re focusing on certain things, certain sets. Obviously, Kevin has the ball in his hands more. Andre [Iguodala] and Shaun [Livingston] are handling the ball more than usual, but we’re still doing the same things in terms of ball movement and spacing and pace, trying to make good decisions and then getting the ball to Klay [Thompson] and KD as often as we can.”

However, instead of pocketing the money, the Steelers tackle decided to donate the money to various charities in Pittsburgh and the other AFC North cities of Cleveland, Baltimore and Cincinnati, USA Today reported, citing sources.

According to the report, Villanueva began researching charities to send the money to once he received it. Among the causes are school systems, Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson’s charity, Baltimore-area police officers and first responders and to the city of Cleveland.

In total, Villanueva donated to 20 charities and causes.

After he became a sensation for standing in the tunnel at Soldier Field, Villanueva said he was uncomfortable with the attention and refused to be dragged into the anthem debate.

“To use me as a tool to push an agenda and push message is completely unacceptable,” he said in October. “I respect every single player in the NFL. Every single citizen has their rights. I am not into the politics of the game. I’m just a football player.”