Actually, we can go back further to see a franchise dealing with an Adrian Peterson problem, a franchise quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater lost to injury with doubt that he would play again, and a head coach, Mike Zimmer, who underwent eight eye surgeries.

At the start of this season, the Vikings showcased a sensational rookie running back -– Dalvin Cook -– who soared. But he was injured and lost for the year.

Buffalo got headlines for all the wrong reasons last week, when Sean McDermott’s quarterback gambit backfired spectacularly. Tyrod Taylor is back in after Nathan Peterman’s five-interception disaster, but has the damage already been done? The Bills are clinging to playoff hopes at this point.

The late afternoon has by far the biggest game of the week, with the 7-3 Rams hosting the 8-2 Saints. It would not be surprising if they met again in January. New Orleans has a winning combination of a strong running game and surprisingly good defense (oh, and Drew Brees is still really good). Jared Goff has cooled off after a strong start to he year, and he’s now without Robert Woods for a few weeks. Sean McVay might be looking at his first real test with injuries starting to pile up.

Five years ago: Longtime State coach Paterno, who’d won more games than anyone college football but was fired amid a child abuse scandal that scarred his reputation, died at age 85.He and linemate Tom Novak, a longtime friend from hockey, were 1 tournament scoring, helping the Americans to a bronze medal.4, Elkhart, was arrested Wednesday by Elkhart police on charges of possession of cocaine, drug paraphernalia and driving as a habitual traffic violator.