On one extreme, there’s baseball, a sport where decisions and lineups are made based on a player’s handedness. On the other is football, where you’ll never know which hand is the dominant one for any position but quarterback. In basketball, left-handedness has a meaningful effect on the game itself, but it also mostly manifests itself aesthetically. Something about a left-handed jump shot seems beautiful, perhaps just because we don’t see it as often.

We went through and identified about nine players who are the best left-handers through the league’s history, albeit with some important qualifications.
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That is three-time NBA Champion Toni Kukoc to you. Member of the 72-10 Chicago Bulls. A Croatian basketball star who was one of the first European players to really establish themselves in the NBA. A guy who could play any position, really. May we never forget the impact of this lefty in basketball history.

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