Stephen Curry was on HBO’s Ballers for a brief moment on Sunday night and it was awesome. Here’s what you need to know:

Judging from the pre-call freak out, Spencer didn’t expect Steph to call him. Yet, when they connect Steph appears to know him so well he’s already devised a weird nickname for him.

Elite Womens Jerry Rice Jersey Come on Steph. You don’t say this on the tarmac with people around. There are two guys standing there. The only two passengers on the private jet to the Bahamas will be Steph and Ayesha. How did he think they could hide this?

Sunday night was the season premiere, and it seems Curry will be a focal point — at least from the ebb and flow of this episode. Spencer is desperate to sign him as a client, and their meeting being delayed gives us the chance for more Curry.

Johnson is all about defense. He was a starter on a No. 1 seed, but so was Zaza Pachulia. Amir is better than that, though his value will be purely situational. It’s was unlikely Boston could have afforded to pay him or prioritize him, which meant he was looking for a new fit on the market. Philadelphia jumped at the chance to add veteran leadership.

Nene played well on a discount for the Rockets and proved his worth coming off the bench behind Clint Capela last season. The combination of his age (nearly 35) and frequent injuries most likely scared off teams off from making a big long-term commitment, but he’s a very solid re-sign for the Rockets.

Elite Womens Robin Lehner Jersey The whole point of this new rule was to keep star players in one place. The logic was that tossing more money at these players would convince them all to sign on the dotted line as soon as possible and not worry about teaming up to chase championships.