Andersen was on a path to becoming an Olympic handball player in his native Denmark before he came to America in 1977 for what was supposed to be a 10-month cultural exchange program. But it wasn’t long before Andersen’s host father and the teacher in charge of the foreign-exchange program suggested he try kicking a football, since he had also been a standout soccer player in Denmark. So some of the other kids on the Ben Davis High School football team in Indianapolis took him out to the practice field.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

“One of the players come running to me and said, ¡®Coach, you gotta see this kid,'” recalled Bob Wilbur, the former Ben Davis coach whose son was serving as both the quarterback and kicker at the time. “And when we walked out, I think Morten was on the 45- or the 50-yard line, and he put it through about sky high.

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They went to the state semifinals that year before Andersen earned a scholarship to Michigan State and went on to kick for 25 years in the NFL.

Wilbur laughed at the memory of how far Andersen has come. He recalled Andersen running over to the sideline toward him during his first game as instructed after every kickoff, since the other team always sent a blocker after the kicker.
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Call No. 3: Cheffers penalized the Falcons three times for defensive holding, all on third down, to keep a Patriots drive alive. Two were called on cornerback Brian Poole and one on cornerback Robert Alford. The NFL rulebook defines defensive holding as occurring when a player “grasps an eligible offensive player (or his jersey) with his hands, or extends an arm or arms to cut off or encircle them.”

The verdict: Pregame tendencies suggested that this crew would let defensive backs be physical, but all three of these plays were obvious and clear violations. The timing was bad for the Falcons, but they were correct and appropriate calls. Grade: A