NBA playoff schedule 2017: Cavs look to take 2-0 lead vs. Raptors, while Spurs try to even series with Rockets

The second round of the playoffs are fully in swing now as the Cavaliers and Raptors, and Spurs and Rockets, head for Game 2 on Wednesday night.

LeBron James and the Cavaliers will look to take a strong 2-0 lead on the Raptors in Cleveland. James was in complete control in Game 1, giving us the best LeBron that we’ve come to know. He finished the night with 35 points, 10 rebounds, and four assists while casually dominating the Raptors all night. He even was feeling himself enough to jokingly grab a beer from the sidelines during the game. When LeBron plays like this and is having fun, there really isn’t much anyone else can do. We’ll see what the Raptors can bring in Game 2.

On the other side of the NBA, the Rockets handed the Spurs their worst home loss in playoff history in Game 1. The game ended in a 126-99 blowout for the Rockets, but honestly, the game wasn’t even that close. To further explain how much of a blowout this game was, the Rockets hit 22 three-pointers, and their starters didn’t even play the fourth quarter. We saw the Spurs in a position we rarely see them in, unable to make anything happen on offense, while having no answers on defense. That said, it’s hard to imagine Gregg Popovich won’t have something figured out for Game 2.

The fun Paul George wasn’t having? Lance Stephenson had that. The Pacers went on a five game win streak to end the season, sliding into the seventh seed in the playoffs. While Lance brought the fun back, Paul George won Eastern Conference Player of the Month averaging 32.8 points, 8.2 rebounds and 4.5 assists through the final six games. For a brief moment in time, maybe Paul George’s future in Indiana would have a happy ending.


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2017 NFL draft features 9 famous sons, including Hardy Nickerson and Barry Sanders

The 2017 NFL draft is upon us, and some of the names you hear throughout the three days might sound familiar. This year, there are at least nine sons of former NFL players in the mix, including Barry Sanders Jr., Christian McCaffrey, and Hardy Nickelson Jr. The group includes a talented list of fathers, some of whom were Pro Bowlers, along with one Hall of Famer.

Game Youth Chase Utley Jersey Lattimore was the first member of the Buckeyes’ talented secondary off the board. He had surgery to repair chronic hamstring injuries during his redshirt year at Ohio State, but those problems lingered the following season. He played in seven games, contributing just five tackles.

But in his final college season, Lattimore stayed healthy and turned in an impressive performance. He finished the season with four interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown, and it was enough to place him at the top of pre-draft cornerback rankings. Now we’ll see if Lattimore can take his game to the next level with the Saints.

Despite his injury history and limited starting experience, Lattimore proved last year that he has the skills to be an NFL cornerback. His 30 bench press reps were tied for fourth best among defensive linemen at the NFL Combine, and will allow him to compete with the best offensive line the NFL has to offer.

Game Youth Mike Remmers Jersey As Dan Kadar points out in his assessment of defensive linemen, Thomas is able to play on the edge, or even move inside. His speed lets him get around the edge, and his strength means he can overpower the offensive line.

he Dolphins are owners of the first compensatory pick at No. 97 overall

For the first time ever, the compensatory picks are available to be traded and that means there’s a lot more draft capital at stake after 11 third-round selections were added to the mix.

The NFL has a secret and complex formula that they use to distribute draft picks at the end of rounds 3 through 7 of the NFL Draft. Even though the precise, exact method to the NFL’s madness isn’t disclosed to John Q. Public, there are several general elements, based on a team’s free agency activity, that can serve as a guideline to better understanding and predicting how and why your team has been gifted with extra picks — and what picks down the road you can expect to receive.
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Among the biggest winners are the Miami Dolphins and the Cleveland Browns, who each received a third-round pick. The Dolphins are owners of the first compensatory pick at No. 97 overall, and also received a pair of fifth-round selections, while the Browns received a third-round pick, two fourth-round picks, and a fifth-round pick for the loss of Travis Benjamin, Alex Mack, and Tashaun Gipson, among others.

Elite Mens Owa Odighizuwa Jersey I really think without the incident he’s a top-five pick, one NFC executive told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Bob McGinn. He’s probably going to go late first to mid-second. This guy’s just too talented.

I did a lot of (expletive) when I was 18 that I’m not proud of, but I never knocked out a girl, an AFC executive said. That’s just such a hot-button issue. I’m hearing too many things. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Adrian Peterson signs with Saints, says he can make them even more dominant

Adrian Peterson has officially found a new home, as reports the 32-year-old running back has accepted a two-year, $7 million deal from the New Orleans Saints.

Peterson missed the majority of 2016 due to injury, but believes he can get his career back on track. The former All-Pro running back told Josina Anderson of ESPN that New Orleans was the right choice for his family, and that he believes he can add a new element to an already stellar Saints offense.

QB Deshaun Watson respects all prospects but told me itd be a slap in the face if Mitchell Trubisky went 1st gvn his championship resume.

Watson did lead the Clemson Tigers to two consecutive National Championships. The Tigers lost a 40-45 heartbreaker following the 2015 season. Clemson pulled off a thrilling 35-31 win over Bama in the rematch after the 2016 season.

Trubisky, on the other hand, has just one season of starting experience. That hasnt slowed rumors that the San Francisco 49ers are considering the UNC product with the second overall pick, or that Trubisky may go first overall to the Cleveland Browns. He did go at No. 2, but to the Bears.

Limited Mens Seantrel Henderson Jersey Since Trubisky did come off the board first to the Bears, its reasonable to assume that Watson isnt impressed.

This is clinic tape pass set by Stanley against Pittsburghs James Harrison. It looks exactly like his college tape. Hes in a three-point stance, and its great physical positioning — hands excellent, anchors on the bull rush. Theres no panic in Stanleys set because he has done it a zillion times in college.
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Also important to note: its second-and-9, and hes down in a stance. It could be run or pass, and Stanley isnt giving anything away.

Is it worth it to Melo to make this stand?

This isn’t to say the Knicks are better off with Melo than without: He’s 11 years older than Kristaps Porzingis and whoever New York is likely to pick in the lottery this June. But Jackson gave Carmelo the no-trade clause in 2014. You can’t reasonably expect Anthony to tear it up now.

That no-trade clause is power. He earned it. It is his to tear up or to use. He would be well within his rights to use it and to tell Jackson and the Knicks and the whole world that he’s not going anywhere until his contract ends.

Is it worth it to Melo to make this stand? Is it worth risking another wasted season in the wasteland of Knicksdom? Only he knows. But on the principle alone, he’d be well within reason to refuse to bend to Jackson’s desires.

Not many teams still have Allen viewed as a top-10 player because of his injury concerns, but the Bears do. Barring a major change of heart (or a trade back), Allen likely will be their pick.

Westbrook has my vote even though LeBron is the best player in the world. For most of the season, that’s where I assumed my vote was headed. But the carelessness with which the Cavs finished the regular season changed my thinking. In any case, it’s evident that Westbrook, Harden, and Leonard had stronger seasons statistically.

Paul’s almost-heroics actually started with a defensive play on a fast break with five-and-a-half minutes left. One on two, he managed to spook George Hill by taking a step toward him. When Hill tried to bounce the ball to his teammate, Paul swiped it as if it was meant for him.

Then Paul hit a jump shot. Then a floater while drawing the foul against Hill. He made another layup soon after, followed by a three-point shot that brought the Clippers within one with three minutes left.

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NFL prospect Raekwon McMillan was named after Wu-Tang Clan member

Ohio State Buckeyes star and 2017 NFL draft prospect Raekwon McMillan was named after a leading member of the legendary rap group, Wu-Tang Clan. Ask the young man himself. Raekwon, aka The Chef aka Shallah Raekwon aka Lex Diamond, inspired the linebackers mother:

Yeah, some of his old-school stuff is pretty cool,McMillan responded when asked if he likes Raekwon’s music.My mom liked the name, the Wu-Tang clan and all of that. She liked the rap name, not his real name, but his rap name. So that’s what she named me.

McMillan is more of a Meek Mill fan, but he does have one special request from the rap star — and you can help.

I’d like to meet him one day,McMillan said.Other than that, it’s just my name.

What Gordons success would do, then would work to soothe the Royals on two fronts. First, it would make them feel better about their 2017 season, ostensibly because he would help them win baseball games and stay relatively close in the AL Central. Second, he would make them feel better about the radical realignment of their entire roster.
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Sure, we have this dented Ian Kennedy, and, wow, totally forgot we signed Jason Hammel, but we also have Good Ol Alex. Hell never leave us.
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The early returns are not encouraging, as Gordon has a .492 OPS. But Hosmer has a .493 OPS, so maybe theyre in some sort of race? Regardless, Gordons success is the rare two-way bellwether. He can make the Royals feel better about the present and future. And he can also, well, you know.

Celtics fans erupt after Isaiah Thomas makes his 1st 3-pointer of Game 1

After rumbling for 163 rushing yards, 75 receiving yards, and five touchdowns in Oakland Tech’s city championship, a high school-aged, admittedly broke Lynch promised he’d take his linemen to Sizzler for their job blocking:

Kevin Greene Mens Jersey The first televised instance of Marshawn’s Skittles habit comes on Dec. 1, 2011, as the Seahawks play the Eagles. After the play, a sideline attendant is seen giving Lynch a handful of Skittles, which he happily eats:
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Its been a tough two days for Isaiah Thomas. He lost his 22-year-old sister, Chyna Thomas, in a car accident on Saturday and had to turn around and play in the Celtics first playoff game on Sunday. Thomas got a warm reception from Boston before the game, full of support and love.

To start the game, he set up Avery Bradley for a three-pointer on the break. The next play down, he set up Bradley again but the shooting guard bobbled the pass and got it back to Thomas. Thomas instantly launched a 26-footer and when it went in, the city of Boston went crazy.

The Bulls immediately called a timeout, which gave the Celtics team and fans a chance to cheer even more for Thomas. What a moment. One of the best attempts thus far has been ESPNs Real Plus/Minus. Using that as a guide, Gobert made the biggest statistical impact on the defensive end, ranking first in that metric by a full point over Green in second place. Utahs defense has been exceptional, ranking third in the league, and Gobert has been an obvious focal point. The Jazz give up seven points per 100 possessions more when Gobert is on the bench. Thats a huge impact.

Some of these newly minted 10th assistants will be hired almost exclusively to recruit minimally paid athletes.

The question wasn’t about if (especially since the American Football Coaches Association backed the measure) but when, so that schools can budget for it.

Some of these newly minted 10th assistants will be hired almost exclusively to recruit minimally paid athletes.

On college staffs, not everyone has unique expertise on the field or with a playbook. There are some who have made careers just for their recruiting prowess. So expanding coaching staffs won’t necessarily benefit players at every school anyway.

At the time the original proposal was introduced, the head of the Football Oversight Committee, Bob Bowslby, said: “There was unanimity around the table on the addition of a 10th assistant coach being allowed (in FBS). We feel it is appropriate from a student-athlete welfare standpoint. The ratio of coaches to student-athlete is much higher in football than other sports, and this helps address that.”

Limited Youth Daryl Worley Jersey It has been and always will be clear what the NCAA concerns itself with, as far as student-athlete welfare goes. Yet again, dozens of non-players are set to make more money off the sport, while those generating the income see no increases.

Limited Youth Robert Alford Jersey Harden finished the night with 37 points, seven rebounds, nine assists, and three steals. He got the most help from Patrick Beverley, who scored a playoff-high 21 points and was the energy spark the Rockets needed all night. In a game they won easily, they didn’t get much production outside of those two. The Rockets only got 19 points total from Lou Williams and Eric Gordon.

There were several other driver lineup changes

It was all there on a course and for a crowd that’s becoming his more and more as he keeps posting at the top of the leaderboard at this event. After the round, he was asked why he succeeds so consistently here.

“I’m not sure. I mean, I guess the golf course was Tiger-proofed at one point. You can’t really Jordan-proof it.”

Some of the world’s top players are lurking not far behind them. Phil Mickelson and Jordan Spieth ended Friday at even par, four shots off the lead. (They’re playing together on Saturday, which is exciting.) Adam Scott also ended Friday even, while Jon Rahm and Justin Rose were among the players at 1-under.

There are a few Cinderella possibilities on the weekend, too, perhaps none more compelling than 1992 green jacket winner Fred Couples. There’s so much parity in the field right now that predicting how this will end feels like a fool’s errand.

Fifty-three of 93 players in the field survived the 6-over cut line. Among those missing the cut were two-time Masters winner Bubba Watson and last year’s British Open champion, Henrik Stenson. World No. 1 Dustin Johnson withdrew before teeing off in the first round on Thursday due to a back injury.

There were several other driver lineup changes, including the retirement and quick unretirement of Felipe Massa at Williams, and the Manor Racing Team folded in the offseason. On top of that, Formula 1 has a new ownership in Liberty Media, and longtime executive in charge, Bernie Ecclestone, has been ousted after several decades in the role.

North Carolina played 15 games against tournament teams before the actual tournament

The Zags have gone up against NCAA tournament teams 11 times this season. Five of those have come in the NCAA tournament, of course, which is why they’re here. They’ve played nine different tournament teams, with three games against Saint Mary’s, a No. 7 seed who lost to Arizona in the second round.

Gonzaga was 6-0 against tournament teams in the regular season and conference tournament. That run included a five-point win against Florida, a two-point win against Iowa State, a seven-point win against Arizona, and three easy victories against Saint Mary’s, which couldn’t matchup well.

Is this a power conference slate? No. North Carolina played 15 games against tournament teams before the actual tournament, and the Tar Heels went 10-5. They had losses against Virginia and Miami, who aren’t better than some of the teams Gonzaga beat. (They also lost to non-tourney teams Indiana and Georgia Tech, while Gonzaga’s lone loss came against BYU.)
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Trevon Bluiett nearly bolted to the NBA a year ago before deciding at the last second to return to school. If he does the same thing this spring, then Xavier could be poised for yet another deep run in the NCAA tournament. If he doesn’t, Chris Mack should still have enough pieces to compete with the top of the Big East.

Game Mens Xavien Howard Jersey This year’s regional final run could be just the beginning for the Mike White era in Gainesville. The Gators lose starting point guard Kasey Hill and grad transfer Canyon Barry, but should return the other most important pieces from their surprisingly successful 2016-17 campaign. Having a healthy John Egbunu back will only make them more formidable.