Von Miller will still do Von Miller things, but it won’t be quite the same.

Fellow Oakland native Bip Roberts remembers it, too. A 12-year big league veteran, the current A’s studio analyst for NBC Sports California played his final season in 1998 with the A’s alongside Rickey Henderson, his childhood idol.

Henderson, like Lynch an Oakland Tech product, was one of the reasons Roberts was a big leaguer. Having a guy from your neighborhood make it and be right there in front of you was inspirational.

The subscription allows fans to pick a jersey they want to wear and it’s then sent to them one at a time. When the jersey is sent back in a prepaid envelope, the next jersey in their queue gets mailed out, just like the early days of Netflix DVDs.

“And it never happens because that picture comes up the next day.”

The numbers suggested that Carolina was likely to decline last season, but nobody saw them falling from 15-1 to 6-10 after winning the NFC Championship in 2015. The Panthers went from 6-1 in one-score games in 2015 to 2-6 last season, so while they declined significantly, it wasn’t quite as big of a drop-off as their raw win total might indicate. They also lost their two best players for stretches of time when Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly went down with injuries. Ideally, the Panthers won’t need to give Derek Anderson two starts.

Von Miller will still do Von Miller things, but it won’t be quite the same. Meanwhile, the Chargers haven’t had a chance to get everyone injured yet, although don’t fret, it’s coming like it always does.nike_vikings_1973


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John Elway Jersey has to do it again with a new coach in Vance Joseph and a new/old offense with Mike McCoy.

Bet on the boss to see things work out well again, starting with Paxton Lynch starting.

The Titans are the AFC’s Cowboys, with an elite offensive line and an unstoppable running game. They added just enough playmakers around Marcus Mariota and to the back of the defense to push into the playoffs.
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The Chiefs seem a little worried about their ceiling with Alex Smith, as well as the course of their running game. Good thing they can always trust the consistent, deep defense.

Not everyone took a knee like Kaepernick; some raised a fist. Others agreed with his thinking, but not with his actions. Many opposed his views all together. But at the end of the day, almost everyone had an opinion.

Fast forward to 2017 and now Kaepernick is a free agent and many believe politics have played a role in him being without a job.

Whether you agree with his decision or not, there’s no denying Kaepernick influenced the lives of many over the past year. He was a trending topic for months on end, and his name expanded beyond the football realm.

Colin Kaepernick still has the skill set to be an NFL quarterback somewhere in 2017. But between his regression as a highly-paid starter and the controversy he now carries with his bold off-field stances, his value as an NFL free agent 鈥?fair or not 鈥?has dwindled down to a cheap backup option for only a handful of teams.

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Kirk Cousins Authentic Jersey following Tom Brady’s lead to extend his career

Add Kirk Cousins to the growing list of NFL quarterbacks who have revamped their diets to boost their performance.

According to the Washington Post, the Redskins quarterback has eliminated dairy and wheat-based foods from his meals. Instead, he’s adopted a diet heavy in fruits and vegetables, along with poultry, fish and lean beef.

Cincinnati is starting two high draft picks at tackle, but expectations aren’t high for the Bengals’ offensive line. If one should struggle, a plug-and-play option like McGlinchey might be needed.
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An ultra-talented defensive lineman who might slip in the draft due to off-field and character concerns, Hand could be the type of high-upside option the Broncos can afford to take. He’d be an awesome luxury pick for a Broncos defense looking to maintain its position as one of the NFL’s best.

Authentic Mikko Rantanen Jersey The developers at EA Sports hope to have found the solution to that problem with Madden NFL 18.

Users can now choose from three different play styles when starting a game or season. Simulation is meant to be that true-to-the-NFL experience, with ratings playing a large role in outcomes and penalties being called. Competitive is intended to emphasize stick skills more, with some of the randomness of the sport removed. Arcade attempts to be more open and offense-oriented, with lots of big plays and big hits.

49ers’ Eric Reid kneels for national anthem after vowing to stand

Despite saying he would stand for the Star-Spangled Banner before 49ers games, safety Eric Reid is changing his stance and is resuming a national anthem protest.

Reid was seen kneeling during the national anthem before the 49ers’ third preseason game Sunday night against the Vikings. He was surrounded by teammates Marquise Goodwin, Eli Harold and Lorenzo Jerome, each of whom placed a hand on Reid’s shoulder, according to ESPN.com.

Butler and the Cavaliers were never serious rumors, but the team also missed out on him when he was dealt to Minnesota on the night of the draft.

Limited Mens Torrey Smith Jersey The implications of Durant’s decision have been warred over since the news broke. This is actually refreshing for someone who has been writing and talking about player agency, the nature of financial sacrifice, and the true meaning of loyalty in sports for more than a decade. The dominant voice in these discussions used to be those lamenting when players didn’t make a financial sacrifice to help a team be built around them.
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Now the status quo has flipped. Durant actually received some blowback from those upset he saved franchise owner Joe Lacob some dough. The Warriors had the structural ability to pay Durant fully while retaining Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala 鈥?it just would have cost Lacob a boatload more money. That Durant took a haircut saved the Warriors an estimated $25 million in salary and luxury tax.

Blake Bortles named Jaguars starter for Week 1 vs. Texans

After putting Blake Bortles on notice this preseason, Jaguars coach Doug Marrone announced Saturday morning that Bortles will be the team’s starting quarterback Week 1 against the Texans.

Despite the benching, Bortles is expected to get repetitions with the first-team offense, and the two quarterbacks will share a similar snap count.

Henne, a 10-year veteran, started 22 games for the Jaguars from 2012-2014. He went 6 of 10 for 44 yards and was the victim of two end-zone drops in last Thursday’s 12-8 loss to the Buccaneers.

Bortles is 11 of 18 for 81 yards through two preseason games and his struggles throwing the ball deep haven’t improved. Bortles was just 4 of 31 last season on passes of 25 yards or more. His worst throw of the night in last week’s game was a badly underthrown ball to a wide-open Allen Robinson.

If neither quarterback impresses Thursday, the Jaguars could look elsewhere. Rumors surfaced this week that they are interested in former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The Dolphins set the safety market on fire this offseason for Jones with a $12 million-per-year contract for their 29-year-old safety. Jones has missed 14 games over the last three seasons, including 10 games last year. Most players at his age coming off a six-game season would have about 60 percent of this number, so Miami really stuck its neck out to make its safety happy.seahawks_101

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Steph Curry appeared on ‘Ballers’ with The Rock, and it was special

Stephen Curry was on HBO’s Ballers for a brief moment on Sunday night and it was awesome. Here’s what you need to know:

Judging from the pre-call freak out, Spencer didn’t expect Steph to call him. Yet, when they connect Steph appears to know him so well he’s already devised a weird nickname for him.

Elite Womens Jerry Rice Jersey Come on Steph. You don’t say this on the tarmac with people around. There are two guys standing there. The only two passengers on the private jet to the Bahamas will be Steph and Ayesha. How did he think they could hide this?

Sunday night was the season premiere, and it seems Curry will be a focal point — at least from the ebb and flow of this episode. Spencer is desperate to sign him as a client, and their meeting being delayed gives us the chance for more Curry.

Johnson is all about defense. He was a starter on a No. 1 seed, but so was Zaza Pachulia. Amir is better than that, though his value will be purely situational. It’s was unlikely Boston could have afforded to pay him or prioritize him, which meant he was looking for a new fit on the market. Philadelphia jumped at the chance to add veteran leadership.

Nene played well on a discount for the Rockets and proved his worth coming off the bench behind Clint Capela last season. The combination of his age (nearly 35) and frequent injuries most likely scared off teams off from making a big long-term commitment, but he’s a very solid re-sign for the Rockets.

Elite Womens Robin Lehner Jersey The whole point of this new rule was to keep star players in one place. The logic was that tossing more money at these players would convince them all to sign on the dotted line as soon as possible and not worry about teaming up to chase championships.

Left-handedness in the NBA hits a happy medium for professional sports.

On one extreme, there’s baseball, a sport where decisions and lineups are made based on a player’s handedness. On the other is football, where you’ll never know which hand is the dominant one for any position but quarterback. In basketball, left-handedness has a meaningful effect on the game itself, but it also mostly manifests itself aesthetically. Something about a left-handed jump shot seems beautiful, perhaps just because we don’t see it as often.

We went through and identified about nine players who are the best left-handers through the league’s history, albeit with some important qualifications.
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That is three-time NBA Champion Toni Kukoc to you. Member of the 72-10 Chicago Bulls. A Croatian basketball star who was one of the first European players to really establish themselves in the NBA. A guy who could play any position, really. May we never forget the impact of this lefty in basketball history.

Authentic Kids George Blanda Jersey Smith should’ve been a no-brainer for any of the big companies. He ended up being a late lottery pick at No. 9, but he’s one of the most athletic players in the draft class as a guard. Sneaker companies want to sign guards because of how often they have the ball. All eyes are always on them.

Plus, Dallas is one of the best media and television markets in the world, which makes Smith all the more enticing. Mix that in with his flashy play and athleticism, and he’s the kind of prospect that Nike and Adidas could regret not landing.

FIBA’s rule change has American players super excited for hoops overseas

The people who complain about traveling in the NBA usually complain about a specific type of play: the gather step. Everyone knows and accepts that you can take two steps before passing or releasing the ball, but the NBA kind of, sort of gives you a third step — any strides you take while still in the process of catching the ball don’t count as one of your two.
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Womens Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Jersey Most leagues below the NBA are a little more strict about that rule. You can disagree with the NBA’s incredibly liberal interpretation of the rule, but you’re probably on the minority side — the NBA’s popularity keeps increasing, and virtually no fans of the sport actually complain about that.

Now FIBA — the International Basketball Federation that governs a majority of the European professional leagues — has adopted the same traveling rules as the NBA. Here are the specifics, as provided by FIBA.

Kaepernick said in December that Buffalo was the worst city he played in. He noted a difference in perspective between Black and White America. He said he didn’t understand how White America didn’t understand him. He received death threats. Bills fans threw bottles at him.

This was the America that Kaepernick had exposed: two distinct groups that admired and resented him, respectively, for one 90-degree bend of the knee.

Across the country, it was the same. Headline after headline. On the football fields of Texas, black boys in Beaumont knelt and lost their season. In Charlotte, after another shooting, organizers faced cops in riot gear and knelt in front of a football stadium.

Cowboys vs. Rams 2017 live stream: Start time, TV channel, and how to watch online

It seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong happened to Los Angeles in 2016. Rookie quarterback Jared Goff didn’t start until Week 11 because he struggled with getting acclimated to the NFL, and running back Todd Gurely and the rest of the Rams’ offense couldn’t gain traction.

The team finished with a 4-12 record and had the worst offense in the league. Jeff Fisher was fired after nearly five seasons with the franchise, and the Rams hired Sean McVay, a 31-year-old who was Washington’s offensive coordinator, to groom Goff into a franchise quarterback.

Alison Blue, media relations for the AMB Group, tells SB Nation.com what the restaurant will be on Sundays.

“This stand will become a custom concept called “Fries Up” on Sundays when we have games and “Fries Up” is operated by us in partnership with Levy, our concessions partner in the stadium. The menu items take a southern spin on classic poutine fries and are intended to be shareable items with unique packaging designed for portability.”
It’s okay though, because there might be another option for fans.

The Vikings will take another step toward fighting that fatigue Friday night when they travel to Seattle for a preseason game against the Seahawks. Kickoff is set for 10 p.m. ET on NFL Network, with a live stream available on Watch NFL Network.

Minnesota held off Buffalo in a 17-10 preseason slog that saw the Vikings’ offense gain just 34 yards in its first three series. Bradford, entering his second season with the team, completed five of his seven passes, but his check-down routes left him with an inefficient five yards per attempt. Rookie tailback Dalvin Cook, pegged as the heir to Adrian Peterson’s vacated throne, gained only 13 yards on five carries. One of his backups, new addition Bishop Sankey, tore his ACL in the contest and will miss the entire 2017 season.


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The Arizona Coyotes must have a new arena location to succeed.

The letter, sent to the Arizona Legislature, advocates for Senate Bill 1149, which would green light public funding for a proposed $395 million arena in Phoenix to house the Coyotes.

Let me be abundantly clear: The Coyotes’ current location in Glendale at Gila River River Arena is not economically capable of supporting a successful NHL franchise, Bettman wrote, referring to the city’s 13-year-old facility it built specifically for the team, funded primarily by taxpayers.
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For the past 15 years, a succession of ownership groups and the League have tried everything imaginable to make the Glendale location financially sustainable, the letter continues. Our combined efforts all have yielded the same result a consistent economic loss.

The simple truth? The Arizona Coyotes must have a new arena location to succeed. The Coyotes cannot and will not remain in Glendale.

Now, to be completely clear, the bill has not passed yet, and, almost all accounts indicate it stands little chance to pass in its current form. Though that has become more of a reality due to the pushback of transgender advocates, religious groups, and law enforcement, the one adversary that has created the biggest hurdle through its opposition is corporations, and that’s where the NHL comes in.

Thurman Thomas Limited Jersey Precedent has already been set if the NHL was to decide to withdraw its intent to host the draft in Dallas. The NBA pulled the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte after North Carolina passed similar legislature that pertains to which bathroom transgender people can and can’t use.